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If you're missing all of your teeth in your mouth and don’t want to struggle with dentures anymore, All on 4 Dental Implants may be the clear choice for you.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Costa Rica?​

Take a trip to Costa Rica and Save up to 70% over All on 4 dental implants in U.S.

All on 4 dental implants cost in the U.S. can be expensive, but that's not the case in Costa Rica. Don't get stuck with dentures or a bridge when you could save up to 70% by getting All on 4 dental implants.

How much do cost All on 4 Dental Implants?

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How much do cost All on 4 Dental Implants in the US?

The average higher-end cost of all on 4 dental implants can range from anywhere to $48,000 in the US and will vary depending on how many implants you need, where you live, and other factors.
| New Smile Dental Group - Costa Rica

How much do cost All on 4 Dental Implants in the Costa Rica?

At New Smile Dental Group in Costa Rica, All on 4 dental implants cost is only US$10,750

All on 4 dental implants package in Costa Rica

Dental tourism industry in Costa Rica has grown considerably in the last decade. With excellent dental care at reasonable costs, the country is a popular dental tourism destination.


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All On 4 Dental Implants In Costa Rica At New Smile Dental Group

Get the confidence you deserve

If you're missing all your teeth in your mouth, then an all on 4 dental implant may be the right solution for you.

With an all-on-4 dental implant, you can live confidently knowing that everything will look and feel natural again.

What Would You Do If You Had the Chance to Say Goodbye to Dentures?

Goodbye Dentures - Hello All On 4 dental implants. You deserve better than removable dentures and All-On-4 dental implants is just what you need

Get affordable All on 4 dental implants in Costa Rica

Get affordable All on 4 dental implants in Costa Rica at New Smile Dental Group. With one single surgery, you can get a set of dental implants that will replace your missing teeth and make sure you never struggle again.

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Be free from dentures!

You can finally be free from dentures and the daily struggle. All on 4 dental implants are a set of dental implants that are placed in your bone during one single surgery. 

Losing your dentures will never be the same again

Dental implants have been around for many years, but a recent rise in popularity has led to an explosion in the number of dental implant patients. For many people, dental implants are life-changing and offer a new lease on life.

Get a perfect smile without pain

Have a perfect smile without pain with the all-on-4 dental implants. This one-step surgery gives you the best solution for a natural, beautiful smile.

No more struggling with dentures

If you’re missing all of your teeth in your mouth, then an all on4  dental implant may be the answer for you.

It’s a single surgery that replaces the missing teeth and replaces them with dental implants placed directly into the bone.

All on 4 dental implants can permanently remove your dentures

Patients interested in getting rid of their dentures, and people with failing teeth who require a complete restoration, prefer All on 4 dental implants.

If you are missing all of your teeth in your mouth and don’t want to struggle with your dentures anymore, then an all-on-4 dental implant may be the right solution for you. All-on-4 dental implants are a set of dental implants that are placed in your bone during one single surgery.

There’s no need to remove any teeth before or after the surgery or to take any other steps to prepare for the implants.

What are all on 4 dental implants?

All on 4 dental implants mean that all 4 teeth in the upper jaw are being removed and replaced with dental implants. This is the most common type of dental implant surgery and is often chosen when a person has teeth that are either very badly damaged or have just one or two healthy teeth that need to be replaced.

On most occasions, all on 4 dental implants are done as an emergency procedure due to a person’s missing teeth causing other problems, such as difficulty chewing or biting properly or a link to a disability or health condition. When all 4 teeth are removed, the jawbone is exposed and a dental implant is placed directly through the jawbone.

In most cases, this procedure results in better function and a greater feeling of confidence. Implants are fixed directly into the jawbone, so they are not removable. They are solid and more durable than a denture and last for a lifetime, whereas a denture needs to be replaced every few years. Implants do not rot, are not susceptible to germs, and do not require any special care.

Endorsed by the American Dental Association and the World Health Organization as a safe and reliable option, dental implants are a great solution for people who want a replacement that will last a long time.

Why Choose New Smile Dental Group?

New Smile Dental Group is an All In One Dental Implant Center in Costa Rica specializing in dental, implant and restoration services as well as advanced dental procedures and dental prosthetics. Patients choose our office for the laid-back, relaxed atmosphere and personalized care from our staff. The clinic itself is led by Doctor Mario Bonilla who practices patient-centered care full time with patients on site.

Our state-of-the-art dental facility with more than 6460 square feet is conveniently located in San Jose, Costa Rica.

We offer internationally focused dentistry and services for those who are looking to undergo an affordable treatment or procedure from our qualified team of specialists. Our Dental Clinic includes administrative offices, a call center, logistics operations department and concierge service that can help make your time at the clinic comfortable as well as efficient!

Our new location also contains 8 fully equipped treatment rooms; 3D advanced dental imaging room; sterilization area with 12 top class doctors - all affiliated to ADA (American Dental Association), AAID (American Academy of Implantology), ICOI (Costa Rican International Oral Implant Society) and CCDCR (Costa Rican Council on Dentistry).

All on 4 dental implants reviews and studies

You might be wondering “Are All-on-4 dental implants safe?” or “How long do all-on-4 implants last?” As this is a relatively new technology, existing studies have only looked as far as the 10-year survival rate.

The results are promising, with 99.2% of prostheses lasting longer than 10 years. Other research shows that the survival rates for this treatment are between 92.2% and 100%.

Another study looked at the Straumann Pro Arch concept and found a 97.7% success rate after 55 months. Those implants that did fail were able to be replaced, and the overall prosthesis survival rate was 100%.

There is every reason to believe that these implants can last 15 to 20 years or longer, provided you follow your dentist's instructions for taking care of them.

All on 4 Dental implants vs Dentures

All-on-4 implants are sometimes mistakenly referred to as ‘All-on-4 dentures.' That's probably because the traditional way to replace a full jaw of teeth is with removable dentures, which consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and teeth made from resin or porcelain.

Dentures fit over the gums and stay in place either with suction alone or with a dental adhesive. Properly fitting dentures shouldn't require any adhesive.

As teeth are no longer embedded into the supporting bone, the bone shrinks and causes dentures to become looser over time. This means they must be replaced regularly to prevent discomfort and eating problems.

Removable dentures are custom-made to precisely fit the patient's mouth. The upper denture covers the roof of the mouth and the lower one is a horseshoe shape to allow room for the tongue.

They must be removed for cleaning, usually overnight (hence the cliché of false teeth in a glass on the nightstand).

In contrast, All-on-4 implants are fixed in place and should act just like natural teeth in terms of appearance, chewing, and comfort. There is no risk of them slipping out of place while the wearer is talking or eating after All-on-4 implants placement.

Although the prosthetic teeth are fixed to a synthetic gum, this covers only a small area of the real gum when compared to dentures. The join is hidden far enough behind the lips that it won't be visible when you smile.

Dentures offer a clear cost advantage over any kind of implant but they do need to be replaced every five years on average.

How Does the All-On One Procedure Work Against Traditional Dentures?

Dentures are becoming outdated as more people opt for implants. Implants offer a more permanent solution that is not only less costly but also more natural looking.

Implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth and can be used in combination with dentures to replace all of the teeth or just a few. They are made up of titanium screws that are inserted into the jawbone, and then the implant is attached to them.

The implant will fuse with the jawbone over time and won't need any maintenance or replacement, unlike dentures which will eventually wear out after years of use.

The implants come in different shapes, sizes, and materials such as gold or ceramic.

In order to have an implant placed, you need to have enough bone structure in your jaw for it to be

Who is the All on 4 Dental Implant System for?

The All on 4 dental implant system is a revolutionary new dental implant system developed by Nobel Biocare. It is designed to replace the need for multiple implants with a single, minimally invasive surgical procedure.

The All on 4 dental implant system is best suited for people who are missing all of their teeth or those who have only one tooth remaining in the upper or lower jaw.

This revolutionary new product provides patients with an easy, natural-looking smile and a way to avoid long-term dentures. The All on 4 dental implant system can be used in combination with other treatments such as tooth extractions and bone grafting to provide patients with a complete smile makeover.

This innovative solution also has benefits for people who have had previous dentures that have not been successful or comfortable over time.

As a patient with dentures, it can be challenging to find a solution that is both comfortable and affordable. Fortunately, the latest in dental technology has created a solution for people like you. The implant-retained denture is a prosthesis that is attached to dental implants and can last for the lifetime of the patient. It has been shown to have many benefits including increased comfort, increased stability, and increased

The most natural-looking and feeling dental implant solution on the market is all-on-4. This revolutionary system has been used in Europe for over 25 years and is finally available in the United States. All-on-4 replaces all of your missing teeth with 4 implants that are strategically placed in your jaw to provide a stable foundation for an unlimited number of dental crowns.

Dental implants are one of the most significant advancements in dentistry. They serve as a foundation for artificial teeth, and can help you to enjoy all your favorite foods without compromising your oral health. Most people take the time to research these options before considering them, so it's important that you have a good understanding of what is involved.

Why You Should Consider Getting Rid of Your Dentures for Good!

Dentures are not the best way to go about your oral health, as they can cause all sorts of problems.

The main reasons for getting rid of dentures are:

Denture wearers experience more plaque buildup and gum disease than those who still have their natural teeth.

The denture’s plastic can release toxic chemicals that cause gum irritation and inflammation over time.

Dentures don't allow the mouth to be fully closed, which may lead to sleep apnea and other breathing problems.

There are many reasons why your jawbone might begin to lose mass. One of the most common is that when you don't have permanent teeth in place, it can lead to bone loss and decreased muscle attachment. Dental implants provide a way for people with missing teeth to replace them and get back this important stimulation- preventing bone loss altogether!

Dental implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Your dentist will work with you to design them depending on the color of your surrounding teeth, and also custom fit them perfectly into the gap. You cannot tell which teeth are dental implants, only your dentist can!

Your implant will allow you to bite with more or less the same amount of force you could use without your natural teeth because it is anchored into your jaw. Other tooth replacement options may provide only a fraction of this power, as they are attached to the gums rather than anchoring in place.

When your teeth fall out, you lose the support they provide for your face. Without that support, there is a high chance that it will change shape in an age-related way. Dental implants offer similar benefits as natural teeth by supporting facial structure and preventing changes in facial appearance over time.

Some dental options, such as dentures and implants, can impact natural speech. Missing teeth also alter your ability to pronounce words correctly. Because you feel and function just like having teeth that were never removed in the first place with an implant or a false tooth replacement option like a denture, your speech will be easier - not only for yourself but for others too!

Because dental implants are made of durable materials, you won't need to worry about getting cavities in your mouth or developing infections. They're perfect for people who will be missing teeth and want a replacement.

If you're going to have dentures, you might feel self-conscious about speaking or laughing in public. And if they shift or slip inside your mouth while eating, it can be embarrassing. But dental implants are firmly anchored and will never embarrass you!

The best thing to do is get used to them as soon as possible. Don’t be shy about showing off your new smile. And speaking of speaking, you can feel confident about talking and laughing in front of others. You might prefer to eat at home or with your family, but you can still go out for dinner if you want to. There are plenty of places that will accommodate your dietary needs if you let them know ahead of time.

Dental implants are permanent solutions to tooth loss for the rest of your life. Other options, like bridges or dentures, will need to be fixed periodically but dental implants last without any repairs.

Implants are a great option for people who have lost one or more teeth. They are a secure way to replace a missing tooth, and they last a lifetime. There are many types of implants, and they come in different sizes. Talk to your dentist about what implant might be best for your situation. An implant might be a great option for you if you want a secure replacement for one of your teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many reasons why your jawbone might begin to lose mass. One of the most common is that when you don't have permanent teeth in place, it can lead to bone loss and decreased muscle attachment. Dental implants provide a way for people with missing teeth to replace them and get back this important stimulation- preventing bone loss altogether!